Zoom Player – The Most Sophisticated, Flexible and Powerful Media Player For PCs & Tablets

Zoom Player

Zoom Player is the premier media player for PCs & Tablets. Utilizing its proprietary “Smart Play” technology, Zoom Player plays all file formats reliably while offering customized options to customize playback experience.

Make the most out of your spare PC’s capabilities as an entertainment center with this software suite and take full advantage of audio/video codec support for seamless home entertainment experiences.

Streaming Media

Zoom Player is a fast and feature-rich media player for Windows with advanced options like video playlists, an extensive range of audio processing features, full screen navigation interface supporting keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions, keyboard shortcut support for media playback, as well as support for keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions – and its free for personal use!

+ Support has been added for streaming MPEG-2 Transport Stream (M2TS) media. + Improved file browser and media library thumbnail display.

Convert Any PC into a Home Entertainment Center

Zoom Player transforms any PC connected to a television into an effective Home Entertainment Center by installing software onto an accessible spare computer that connects via DVI plugs, and performing initial configuration (password protection, media library path editor etc).

Once installed, users can choose which navigational interfaces should be accessible through a five-key system (up/down, left/right and select) to comfortably navigate their multimedia player without needing to learn all its complex functionality. Furthermore, the program features video processing options which can enhance video quality.

Zoom Player makes it possible to create customized mobile-phone ringtones from any media, and set a “Media Orbit” feature which prevents screen burn-in by gradually orbiting video images every few seconds – these capabilities combined make Zoom Player the ideal Home Entertainment solution for Windows PC users.

Install Center

Zoom Player’s unique Install Center scans your system on first run to identify missing media components, then downloads and installs them if necessary (just like installing codecs manually from an online repository). This way you can rest easy knowing your system offers optimal playback capability with minimum components missing.

Zoom Player comes equipped with the ability to automatically download subtitles for movies and other media files, and will select the best available audio/subtitle stream based on its file’s contents. Additionally, Zoom Player features automatic media file recognition so it can quickly select an optimal audio/subtitle stream when playing any new media file.

This powerful player offers support for numerous video and audio formats including DVD, DivX, Blu-ray and Apple Lossless Audio Coding formats as well as MP3, OGG Vorbis WMA Apple Lossless Audio Coding Matroska files. In addition, its user interface features several skins and a 10-band equalizer while advanced video features like hardware accelerated decoding/deinterlacing via DXVA/CUDA/Intel QuickSync are also included.


Home Theater PCs & Tablets with home cinema capability require sophisticated, flexible & powerful media player applications that support all popular media formats and offer advanced Smart Play controls, smooth scrolling thumbnail view kinetic smooth scrolling thumbnail view as well as customizable content-based navigation interfaces for viewing their media library. Our application offers all this and more!

Zoom Player is upgrade-friendly, with regular new feature releases announced via its support forums, Twitter or Facebook accounts.

This version provides several key enhancements, including improved performance when displaying videos that include aspect ratio changes; positioning video areas on screens with colored backgrounds (usually black) to reduce overscan when outputting to CRT TV sets; and an option allowing you to choose which modifier key should initiate scroll gestures on trackpads and other trackpad devices. In Gallery view videos may now also be rearranged and saved for future sessions.

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