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Domain Name Generators (Creative Ideas)

Whether you’re having a hard time coming up with a domain or the domain name of your dreams is unavailable, a domain name generator can be a game changer. To take the guesswork out of getting a domain name generated, we’ve compiled the best domain name generators to help.

Figuring out a domain name is one of the toughest parts of starting a website. After all, it’s the name that users and potential customers will type to find your business or organization. When it feels like all the good names are taken, domain name hunting can be stressful. That’s when it’s time for a domain name generator to take off the pressure and give you new ideas. When your favorite domain name is taken, it can get the wheels turning again.

To find the right domain name, take a look at our list of sixteen generators below!


1. Namecheap

If you’ve heard of Namecheap, you are probably aware of the domain registration part of their business. If you don’t have a name in mind, you’ll be pleased to know they can help with that, too. On their website, you can generate a domain name with plenty of different search and filter controls. This way, you can get to the perfect name for your website. If you enter “Beast Mode” on the website, you can get the right domain name with keywords to fit your brand and pricing to fit your budget.

2. Name Ideas Generator

While Name Ideas Generator might sound like a simple website, it is surprisingly effective. When you want a lot of options for domain extensions, this is the generator for you. It also compiles a giant list of names, so you won’t be found wanting for domain name ideas after using it.

If you have a domain name that you love, this generator can give you different versions of the same name. That way, you have many options for choosing your perfect name. This platform also lets you use keywords to lead the way in your search. This can potentially help your site rank in the future on search engines like Google.


3. GoDaddy

When you first break into the world of website domains, GoDaddy is probably one of the most recognizable brands. Since they streamline their user experience, it makes sense that they are so popular.

From finding the right domain name to buying and registering it, GoDaddy is a one stop shop for this work. Their generator produces a long list of top-level domains with availability. It also offers users a range of variations to go with those top-level domains, so they have plenty of options for users to choose from.


4. Instant Domain Search

For domains in a jiffy, instant domain search is your best bet. While you are typing in domain name ideas or keywords, you can see domain names appear before your very eyes. Since you can see the domain names right away, you can determine how they make you feel sooner. This will help you in narrowing down keywords if you are torn between different ideas.

Unfortunately, this site does have one major downside. If you like a name that you see generated on the search, it might not be available. Once you have selected a name, you will get redirected to, where you will see what the availability status is for the name. If it’s available, you’re in luck. If it’s not, it’s back to the drawing board. For those who are limited on time, this might not be the best choice for that reason.


5. Blog Tyrant

If Instant Domain Search’s lack of an availability feature was a bummer for you, Blog Tyrant may be better. Since it only lists domain names that are truly available to purchase, it will save you the effort of wasting time on unavailable domains. Blog Tyrant is specifically tailored for bloggers’ interests, but anyone who wants a website domain for any reason can use it.


6. NameMesh

If you need multiple avenues for finding the right domain name, NameMesh has a sense of variety that might appeal to you. On this site, you will be able to see if your favorite extension is available, change up the arrangement of the characters, combine words and suffixes, and more. This means that if you have been having a hard time finding the right domain name, it might end here. The amount of options may just spark your interest and help you nail down the best one.


7. DomainWheel

Sometimes, we turn to domain name generators because other name generators have failed us. When you want to cut through the garbage names, DomainWheel might be your best bet. Since it uses artificial intelligence technology to produce names that you actually want to use, it’s an innovative choice.


8. Bust a Name

In the same way that everyone has different learning styles, everyone has a different style for generating ideas. With Bust a Name, you can use a domain name generating tool that works for you. With multiple parameters to select, this is a truly customizable experience. Whether you want a natural name or something snappy, you can adjust it to your liking. After you have generated a name you like, you can tack a .com, .net, .org, .info, or .biz extension at the end and seal the deal.


9. Shopify’s domain name generator

If you’re already using Shopify or you are planning to run your e-commerce store on Shopify, its domain name generator is a built-in game changer. Whether you already know what you will sell or you are debating between different product ideas, the domain generator is a helpful tool. It can help you find the right name for your shop or your website in general. While it won’t give you a list of different names, it can inform you of an existing domain’s availability.


10. Nameboy

As the name implies, Nameboy is all about names. From domain names to business names to podcast names and even startup names, this is your place to generate all kinds of titles. Since it caters to domains with a .com extension, it’s ideal for those who want this classic extension. It produces shorter lists than some generators, but all you need is one viable option. That’s why it might help you cut through the fluff to find the right name.

11. Business Name Generator

Similarly to Nameboy, Business Name Generator is not just about domain name generation. It helps you to come up with a catchy name for your business that your customers will remember. It also finds a business name that has an associated domain available for purchase. Overall, it’s a great choice if you’re an entrepreneur, small business, startup, or company looking to rebrand or name your group. Business names and domain names go hand in hand, so it’s a useful tool.


12. Panabee

If you’re sick of looking at long, unsightly lists of keyboards, Panabee can give your eyes something nice to feast on while you look for the right domain. It has beautiful layouts and a distinct look. What’s more, it is as functional as it is fashionable. After you enter some keywords associated with your search, you have a mind-map style view of domains that are available in blue hearts and unavailable in broken. This can make it great for visually oriented folks. When the long lists of keywords are straining your eyes and mind, Panabee can be a welcome break from the monotony.

13. Lean Domain Search

When you are tired of the bells and whistles, Lean Domain Search does exactly what its name implies. It lets you enter your preferred search term to view .com domains that are available with it. Since it cuts out extensions that are not as prevalent, it will help you find a domain name that is memorable and straightforward. It also lets users see whether the name could turn into a social media handle with its word count. That’s helpful for those who are starting a website and social media presence. Most domain name generators do not offer this feature, so it’s great for social media influencers, as well.

14. Zyro

While Zyro does not operate like a typical name generator, it still has its uses. Although it only serves the purpose of letting users know if their domain is available, it can be helpful after using other generators. If you love a name but it isn’t available under a popular extension, this one can let you know if less popular extensions are available.

15. Truic

When location matters, Truic is a great domain name generator. For example, it allows users to type in keywords with a specific region in mind. You can also add an extension to further narrow down your search. Overall, it is a great one to use when you want to have a business name that is searchable locally. For those who are just starting a small local business, this can be an invaluable tool. Additionally, Truic gives users LLC registration to make the business starting process that much easier.

16. Webhosting Geeks

For those who want a domain name that is under a certain number of characters, Webhosting Geeks is a dream. Its streamlined generator gives you the option to choose how long you want your domain name to be. You can also select the order of your preferred keywords. As a whole, it’s bound to give you more options that you like than ones you don’t with these customization features.

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