Google Flights Review – Track Prices and Get Email Updates

Google Flights offers an excellent feature that allows you to monitor prices and receive email updates. However, this new option is only available on select routes as it is still being developed.

The tool provides you with an additional feature – a price graph – to aid in finding the most cost-effective dates to fly. This feature is especially helpful in pinpointing when to book tickets at discounted rates.

Easy to use

Google Flights is an excellent way to search for flights online. It offers various features that can help you quickly and efficiently find the ideal flight, such as flexible calendars and price alerts, to find what suits your travel plans best. Google Flights even helps to avoid overpaying by alerting you if there are tickets listed at an inflated price, which could save hundreds of dollars! You can use it either on a computer or mobile device and get the best possible deal when planning travel plans.

Google Flights makes booking travel easy: when you enter your trip dates into it, a two-month calendar of lowest fares will appear highlighting green the most cost-effective dates and offering comparison of costs per leg of travel allowing multiple destination selection. In addition, Google Flights may suggest nearby airports as potential departure or arrival points if willing.

Google Flights Review

Use the Flights” tab in the left sidebar to see current flight prices across a continent or country, zoom into it to view individual fares for each location or enter a date to see best flights for that day – this feature can be especially helpful when staying put for extended periods and don’t want to constantly move around!

Apart from filtering for specific airlines, you can further narrow your results by specifying luggage or connecting flights as requirements. The website will also show the length of time and any stops between flights; you can further narrow down your search by specifying how many layovers are acceptable during your search process.

Google Flights will tell you if a fare is typically affordable or costly based on historical data, though be mindful that fare prices may change quickly so always check them again prior to making a final purchase decision.

Once you’ve selected a flight, Google will link directly to either the airline’s site or another third-party booking site. Depending on which airline it is, booking directly may be offered as well as paying extra to reserve seats ahead of time.


Google Flights is one of the premier tools available for finding affordable airfare. It covers nearly all airlines (though Southwest is currently unavailable through it) and searches multiple online travel agencies, saving time and helping you secure the best possible price. Plus, powerful search filter tools enable you to tailor flights according to your individual preferences!

Google offers elastic search capabilities that let you customize dates and locations without changing your original destination. It’s an ideal tool to use if your itinerary requires flexibility or you’re planning a vacation around an event like a conference or wedding; with the ability to search up to seven departure/destination cities simultaneously.

Google provides two options when booking: either taking you directly to an airline’s website, or linking you with a third-party booking site – unlike many booking services, which charge fees for using their search engine; or redirecting you directly to your preferred booking site, making the process simpler and quicker.

Whenever you find a great flight deal, Google Flights keeps tabs on its price to inform you if it drops later. Please note, though, this guarantee only applies to tickets purchased through Google Flights rather than directly with an airline – making this an extra incentive to book through them instead of booking directly!

Google Flights’ other features include searching by region and using a handy calendar to pinpoint the ideal days and flights to your destination. Google’s search algorithm considers several factors, including distance and convenience, to select cost-effective flights. You can select which stops/layovers/duration you desire as well as which airports/dates may help lower fares; additionally, its suggestions could suggest alternative airports/dates that could potentially offer lower fares; it’s free for use; but may not always find the cheapest prices available; Google may or may not find them all.


Google Flights can help you save money when booking flights, with its many features to track prices, show different views of flight pricing and display whether fares include carry-on baggage or checked bags. Furthermore, filters allow you to select airline, number of stops and whether or not you prefer economy or business class seating; and for travelers interested in being more environmentally-conscious there’s even an indicator to show which flights produce the least carbon emissions.

Searching Google Flights to find the best travel deals can take some practice, but it’s definitely worth your while. Since this search engine pulls data directly from airlines and online travel agencies, sometimes an incorrect price may display. This may be caused by a glitch in its system which usually gets resolved within minutes or seconds.

Google Flights makes budgeting simple by enabling you to set a maximum spend limit per flight, helping you stay within your budget and avoid overspending. Furthermore, each leg of a trip’s costs are shown separately so that you can view their total costs before making your final decision.

Google makes it easy to find the cheapest flights by searching round-trip, one-way and multi-city options. Furthermore, it allows you to compare fares between airports – this can be especially useful if you have specific preferences about departure/arrival times or flight duration.

Google Flights offers an easy-to-use interface and plenty of customization options to help find the best prices. Search by date or track prices with price alerts set if necessary – plus it lets you plan trips for multiple people at the same time!

Once you’ve located an affordable flight, Google provides several booking options. It may direct you directly to an airline’s website or third-party booking sites that offer lower prices; or allow you to book it through loyalty programs if applicable.


Google Flights is an invaluable resource for finding cheap flights. This search engine includes almost all airlines (with the exception of Southwest), provides great offers, and hunts various online travel agencies and airline websites in real-time to save you time and effort. Furthermore, its advanced features make search more efficient than ever.

Set up a flight price tracker for any route, which will notify you as soon as the prices drop below your threshold. Filter by number of stops or connections you are willing to tolerate – an invaluable feature if your trip will involve long haul transit, yet only has limited award tickets available for use.

Google Flights excels at finding cost-effective flights if your travel dates are flexible, showing ticket prices over two months so you can easily select those which work for your schedule and highlight which days offer the lowest fares – making finding cheap options easier than ever!

Another fantastic feature is the ability to search multiple cities simultaneously, which is especially helpful when booking international flights. You can search up to seven departure and destination cities at a time, making price comparison easier, while you can even locate specific airports near your destination city or state.

Google Flights will either link directly to an airline website or present options from other booking sites – often discount booking sites which may be less costly. Booking directly with an airline may provide more security if you need to change or cancel your ticket later.

Google Flights’ key advantage lies in its direct booking through an airline rather than via an online travel agency or third-party booking site, so that you can take full advantage of their policies such as 24-hour cancellation/change rules.

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