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Say goodbye to hours of tedious work converting your Word files into PDF format!

Converting documents from Microsoft Word to PDF format is a great way to ensure your files remain secure and organized. With the help of an online converter, you can easily convert any type of document into a professional-looking PDF file.

Using Word to PDF Converter is simple and hassle-free. All you need to do is upload any type of Word document onto the converter’s website, wait for the file to be converted, then download it. The conversion process usually only takes a few seconds, and you’ll have an easy-to-share PDF version of your original document in no time. Plus, with most converters offering free services, there’s no need for expensive software or subscriptions—you can get everything done quickly and easily right on your computer or mobile device.

Benefits of Use

Word to PDF Converter is an easy-to-use and reliable software that helps users convert their Microsoft Word documents into PDF files. This converter allows users to customize the output with various options, including setting page orientation, page size, and more. It also provides features like batch conversion, which lets users convert multiple documents simultaneously for faster processing.

With this PDF converter, users can create professional-looking PDF documents that retain the formatting from the original file. This makes it easier for them to share their work with others while ensuring its integrity. In addition, the converter enables users to protect their confidential information by applying a password or encryption during conversion. Word to PDF Converter is a handy tool that helps customers get accurate and high-quality results quickly and easily.

What’s New

  • The bugs in the app that could cause unresponsive behavior were resolved.
  • Support for scoped storage was added in Android 10 or newer.
  • The HTTP (insecure link) was replaced with HTTPS (secure link).
  • Additional bug fixes were made that caused the app to crash.
  • The game server was replaced with a faster one.
  • Game coding was made more efficient on Linux servers.
  • The app’s file size was reduced by a factor of 10.
  • Further tiers of support for document types such as Pages, Numbers, and Keynote have been added.
  • Improvements were also made in OCR Converter, allowing scanned Word documents to be converted into searchable PDF or scanned PDF to be edited into editable Word documents.
  • PDF to Word Converter saves files automatically after you add the file to the database. Yes, you may read the documents generated by the conversion. You may edit, specify, or delete any document you want.
  • Batch converter will automatically attempt a different server if possible if the conversion fails.
  • Optimized a new server and used a random server as the default option.
  •  Based on file extension, an alternative converter module that was optimized by a different server, a file chooser, an uploader, and a download link was installed. This should help solve most conversion failures.
  • A picker for supported file types in a directory was added.
  • The system Cannot choose a bug relative to Android 4.4 has been repaired on Windows servers.
  • Fulfillment is improved for reports generated from Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Simplified conversion of duplicate files.
  • Installed a new Linux server to process internet conversions from Android apps.
  • Installed a new Windows server to process PDF to Word conversions.


The software is free to download and install. It is entirely free. You just make a couple of clicks (or taps) to complete your document conversion. Text and pictures are kept as they are, and nothing is lost along the way. The file is converted on a cloud-based server and not on your device.

Ready to Try for Yourself?

In conclusion, Word to PDF Converter is a simple, user-friendly tool that can easily convert a Word document into a PDF file. The conversion process is straightforward and fast, taking only a few seconds. Plus, the program is free to use! So if you need an easy way to convert your Word documents into PDFs, then this app is the perfect solution for you.


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