McAfee Total Protection Review

McAfee Total Protection is an all-inclusive security suite powered by one of the most effective antivirus engines around, providing multi-faceted privacy protection features against digital identity thieves by shredding sensitive files, monitoring for leaked data from public databases and offering automatic VPN connectivity when connecting to unsafe Wi-Fi networks. Furthermore, McAfee+ features additional parental controls.

Since 2015, Total Protection has made great efforts to make its products more user-friendly – and this effort can be seen throughout its range of Total Protection products. Notification messages now use more understandable language rather than technobabble which often confuses or panics consumers – an encouraging move which makes software accessible for everyone and we hope more companies follow suit!

Like other cybersecurity software, McAfee Total Protection starts with an exhaustive scan to detect any suspicious files or programs and quarantine or delete them depending on the threat level – this process may take time. Once finished, you’ll be presented with a list of items detected as well as descriptions. Clicking each will reveal additional information as well as options to manage security measures or delete specific items altogether.

McAfee Total Protection offers many features to safeguard your computer and Internet usage, including an anti-phishing engine which detects malicious URLs and stops them from loading onto your system. In addition, McAfee Total Protection detects and deletes tracking cookies on devices and lets you monitor what information is shared online using Personal Data Cleanup tool. Furthermore, McAfee Total Protection features a custom firewall to shield from cyberattacks, with options to open or block specific Internet connections or IP addresses while permitting or disabling Wi-Fi networks if desired.

McAfee offers an advanced password manager as part of their suite: Qustodio provides excellent multi-factor authentication options, such as fingerprint recognition and facial recognition if available on your device. Furthermore, you can sync between devices, save usernames and passwords in web forms automatically using autofill, sync across devices with one another for easier use, as well as create password generators if required. We would prefer an enhanced solution like Qustodio to provide maximum protection.

McAfee offers comprehensive support services if any problems arise with your software, from live chat support and phone numbers, through to community forums and a troubleshooting tool to locate and repair corrupt installation files; additionally there’s an article library providing tips and tricks for using its products.

As with other McAfee products, you can take advantage of a 30-day free trial for McAfee Total Protection Suite. However, please be aware that it’s an auto-renew subscription; therefore you must cancel it prior to the end of the trial period or face unexpected price hikes.

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