What Is Trillian?


Trillian is an instant messaging client developed by Cerulean Studios that integrates multiple communication protocols into one program, enabling users to converse across various instant messaging networks such as AIM, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Jabber simultaneously while enjoying features such as Emotiblips, skins and customizable interfaces. Trillian can act as a gateway between Microsoft’s Skype and AOL Instant Messenger platforms; news, weather and stock quotes can even be sent directly to buddy lists! It was first released publicly in 2001.

Trillian makes life simpler by unifying all these accounts onto one platform and giving users from different services one identifier to use across services – saving time by keeping all contacts organized in one place while at the same time saving you the hassle of maintaining multiple programs at the same time. Furthermore, Trillian can also be used to share files among Trillian users.

Trillian now includes a real-time, searchable Wikipedia reference feature which uses the English-language version of this free online encyclopedia to provide information directly to users. When users type a word into the chat window, Trillian checks against its database file to see if any match exist on Wikipedia and underlines them with green dotted lines if their entry matches up; upon clicking such words it downloads and displays articles directly within Trillian conversation windows.

Trillian offers another distinct advantage with its Map Mode functionality. Here, instead of storing Merkle trees dynamically with each key hash linked directly to its parent node, tree head hashes are stored as ordered lists with inclusion proofs created by clients after receiving each record from a log and published and shared widely by honest log operators for easy audit of record contents.

Trillian has long been a mainstay in popular culture, featuring in both novel and movie adaptations of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Unfortunately, she’s often been subject to the same gender conventions that beset other female characters – whether she be seen as token girl or strong female character by writers and filmmakers alike. Yet despite being such a beloved part of both her own novel as well as movie versions thereof, she remains forever trapped by hackish tropes that keep repeating themselves against her character.

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